Yacht Details

Experience a day of unparalleled style and excitement aboard our exquisite VQ45 BALR yacht. Immerse yourself in the world of BALR. as you step onto a vessel that embodies the essence of our brand. The sleek, sophisticated black exterior mirrors the meticulous detailing found in our clothing line, ensuring the BALR YACHT stands out effortlessly.

Prepare to captivate onlookers as you cruise on a true head-turner. The BALR YACHT's striking design is accompanied by a great sound system, creating an atmosphere of pure energy and entertainment. Perfectly suited for dynamic and youthful groups who not only recognize but seek to embody the spirit of the BALR. brand – a statement of recognition and distinction.

Elevate your day out and choose the BALR experience – where style, luxury, and recognition converge on the open waters.

INCLUDED: Value Added Tax (VAT). Our offering encompasses a comprehensive package, covering essentials such as a proficient crew, standard equipment, harbor mooring, an enticing drinks package, luxurious linen and towels, as well as passenger insurance.

CHARTER TIMINGS: It's important to note that all charters are designed around an 8-hour timeframe, allowing for a flexible commencement time that suits your preferences.

EXCLUDED: Our exclusions consist of fuel costs, which will be accurately calculated at the conclusion of your journey based on the covered distance multiplied by the prevailing standard fuel price. While on-board catering is available upon request with an array of menus to choose from, it falls outside the inclusive provisions. Additionally, any secondary port moorings are not covered within the package.

SEABOB F5S OPTION: Should you desire an enhanced aquatic experience, the remarkable SEABOB F5S is at your disposal for a supplementary fee of 350 euros per day.

TYPE Vanquish VQ43 - BALR
PRICE 2.300 - 3.100 €
PASSENGERS 11 + Captain
LENGTH 13,10 m
BEAM 4,10 m
SPEED 35 kn